Creeping wire vine info?

mrbreeze(z6/7 OK)July 12, 2005

I got this ground cover sometime earlier this year. Its from New Zealand. I really like it and I'm nearly certain that the tag listed my zone as being acceptable. So far it doesn't seem to have a problem with our dry heat (or moist heat). I suppose I'm really more worried about the heat then the cold since its my impression that much of NZ experiences more "cool" temps then hot ones. Having said that, I'm wondering about the winter. Does anyone have any experience with this groundcover? I'm wondering/hoping that a decent layer of leaf mulch from the surrounding Oaks will be fine. Any tips or personal experiences with its cold hardiness, are appreciated.

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If this is Muehlenbeckia, I'm not sure it would be hardy in your zone. I grew it for several years in zone 8 but lost it...but I can't say definitely if it was due to cold temps...may have been in too heavy soil. I'd start a pot for carrying over inside for winter if I were to try again.

Good luck. It's always fun to try. Often a protected spot under eaves close to house will give a few degrees extra warmth. I'd try a bit in several locations, plus some in a pot - just in case. josh

Here is a link that might be useful: Muehlenbeckia complexa

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Enjoy it now - it's unlikely to winter over for you. And no concerns about heat - New Zealand's climate is quite diverse, from alpine areas to subtropical regions - but the bulk of the country has climates that are the equivalent of our zone 8 or higher and most plants with New Zealand origins will need very mild climate zones to survive.

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I am on the edge of zones 7b and 8a. I have grown creeping wire vine for years as a ground cover - and as a 'green mulch'. It is evergreen and gorgeous year round for me. I absolutely love it!

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