Newly planted Ice Dance Sedge - Carex in need of TLC

JordysGardenJune 28, 2012

New to planting and recently planted some ice dance sedges (couple weeks ago) which have already endured a trampling (or more) along with a few potential over-waterings initially. The trampling convicts have been punished and will no longer be allowed in the vicinity of the sedges.

Attached a photo of their current state and very much hoping that they are salvageable. A couple of them don't look too bad to me. I trimmed them down after the trampling(s) and have been keeping the soil moist. Not sure if their current state is due to the trampling or possibly over watering them initially...or both, but they sure looked a lot prettier when they were first planted.

Do they look like they should be able to recover?

If so, is there anything else I can/should do in order to aide in their recovery, or just keep them moist and let them do their thing?

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Just keep them well-watered through the summer. They should be fine. You may have to wait until next spring before they look as good as when they came out of the nursery, but eventually, they'll get there.

It looks like they've had their ends trimmed off square. That's a shame, but new foliage will look more normal.

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Thank you for your help!

Someone suggested I trim them, so I did in fact cut them square, not knowing it made any difference.

Is cutting them on a diagonal purely a cosmetic thing or is it also better for the plant in some way? Would you suggest I trim the square edges so they are diagonal instead?..or just leave them be at this point?

Thanks again!

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Cutting the blades square is neither good nor bad for the just doesn't look natural. Folks will frequently do it to get rid of burned/browned ends, but it's better to leave the plant alone. Don't trim them again, just leave them be.

Depending upon how much damage mine get during winter, I either cut them back, during the late winter, or just rake out the dead foliage. When I cut my sedges back, most of them get cut to about a third of their original height. I have a few dozen C. morrowii; 'Ice Dance' and others, and they've all been cut short at one time or another. They put out fresh new foliage which quickly hides the old trimmed blades. You are in a much colder zone, and will probably need to cut them back every year. Some say to cut them to the ground, and others say to take no more than a third. If one of mine has really suffered from winter, I compromise and take off two thirds.

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