Blue Grasses

charle7(9)June 13, 2007

Im usually in the aquatic plants forum but I need some help on some grasses. I am wanting to use either the elijah blue or the boulder blue in containers in my cacti garden which is on the side of my pond. Reason for the containers is I want them higher than ground level which is where I have succelents and cacti. I don't want grasses that get too tall and are messy. From what I have read the two I have mentioned stay small. I just have never used grasses before in my landscaping and would like your opinions on how one of these two might look for what I am going for - which is a backdrop of sorts for the succulents - the pond is half above ground and has stone as the wall which everything will be in front of. Thanks for any imput or other ideas on grasses.

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Hopefully GrassGuy will see your question, as he is in FL also, and will have insights. My experience with Blue Fescue is they don't like heat and humidity at all. I have at least 50 plain old seed-grown plants, and those in full sun, where they do best in spring and fall, get ratty in the summer. I usually give them a close haircut when the plumes get to the point of seed ripening. That's usually late July for me, and they look like little brown hedgehogs until cool weather brings on new foliage.

I have no experience with the various cultivars yet.

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Unfortunately, as donn suggested, blue fescue grasses melt in the humidity of fl summers. In the panhandle, they are typically goners by late June. I've managed to keep them year-round in heavy shade, but they look very bad and don't come back strong.

Same with the blue helictotrichon.

I'd suggest a blue leymus grass, agropyron, carex blue zinger, or even a blue juncus...if blue is what you're after.

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