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donn_(7b-8a)June 10, 2006

I just received five 3" pots of M.s. 'Gold Bar' from the Park's Wholesale clearance. They each have good root systems, and 12-18" of foliage which is limp, broken and tattered.

The "horticulturalist" at Parks said to cut the leaves off where they're broken, and new foliage will fill in. I'm wondering if I should just pretend it's spring, and give them a full haircut. Both the P.v. 'Shenandoah' (potted) and M.s. 'Gracillimus' (bareroot) were fully trimmed.

I'm potting them up to 3/4 gallon nursery pots for now, and will plant them out, probably in late summer.

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Sure, go ahead and cut them back. There is still plenty of time for them to refoliate this season, although blooming is likely not an option. But it won't hurt them a bit.

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Thanks, shall be done.

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A week later, and they're already putting out new foliage. Cool!

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