Good company to remove English ivy/ poison ivy/ kudzu mess?

esthermgrJuly 20, 2007

Anybody know a good company in the Atl area that I could hire to remove a patch of English ivy in my front yard that now has poison ivy and kudzu all tangled up in it? My neighbors have just picked up random day laborers to do theirs, but I don't really feel comfortable doing that.

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What part of town are you in?

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We're in Ashford Park, between Buckhead and Chamblee.

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Have you found anyone yet? Established Kudzu requires removal of the large Tubers it produces to keep it from returning. This sometimes requires a bit of digging and with many underground utilities a dig permit and utilities location may be required, if it's in the front of your home. This permit is provided free by the utilities companies engineering group upon telephone request. Without it, any damage to utilities(even your own cable tv line if you're with Comcast) could cost you quite a bit of money. I am always in the Buckhead area and would be happy to look at it for you. I have lots of guys that work for me that look for weekend work like this.

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Vroomp can take it. I would have taken a look at it if you were closer to me.

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You could come by this weekend or any evening this week to take a look at it. It's mostly English ivy, but some kudzu has gotten mixed in in the last two seasons. Also some poison ivy. Email me at to set a time to come by. Do you run a landscaping company or something similar?

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hilary007(8 GA)

You can rent a goat to eat all of it! I had considered renting out my goat for just that reason. (Someone dropped off this I live in the country.)

Doesn't round up work? I have the same problem and would love to kill the poison ivy so I can pick up all the fallen trees without going to the doctor for steroids!

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Seriously- do goats eat ivy and poison ivy and kudzu? If so, I would love to have a goat come eat it all- and leave me all those fertlizer droppings in its place. I know there's a goat farm off Huff Rd near Howell Mill. Maybe they would lend me a few goats for a day or two...

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