Help - Time to plant ground covers, vinca minor

shrubbyJuly 18, 2007

Hello! I am very new to gardening but I found this wonderful forum and am delighted to see so many kind, knowledgable people on these forums. :)

I have a long story about the landscaping around my house, but I won't go into detail. Basically before I moved in 2 years ago, the owners took fantastic care of it, and since then I have let it go. My husband and I cleared out the weeds we have let grow in our flower beds so we pretty much have a clean slate. (Although somehow some crab grass weeds are starting to come up in spots...)

There is one section where I would like to plant vinca minor as a ground cover. I'm not worried about its invasiveness since the area is mostly surrounded by pavement. But I was wondering if it is the right time to plant vinca minor, in late summer? I was thinking about ordering from a nearby nursery, but they sell in clumps of 100 and I have no idea what this means or if this will be enough to cover this area. It's inexpensive enough, I think.

What the previous owners had used as groundcover was some sort of juniper, but we don't want to use that again, and it ended up dying somehow, so I thought maybe vinca minor might be a good groundcover, but any other suggestions would be welcome. Right now it's bare dirt and it needs to be filled in with something.

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The good thing about vinca is that it is very hardy. I'm in Phoenix, and I have them in full-sun in my front yard. They enjoy warm weather, and will die out with your first frost. I would check to see what your average first frost date is for your area. It may be too late at this point, but you really should check with your county extension service. Or even call around to some of your local nurseries and see what they recommend for a quick and easy solution.

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