Pumpkin broke off. Will it ripen?

socksJuly 2, 2013

In manipulating the pumpkin vine, a green, basketball-sized pumpkin broke off. It is in a dry, shady place now. Will it continue to ripen and turn orange?

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planetes(7b (Cascadia - PNW))

If it's nearly mature possibly.. usually only if it has started to change color will it ripen the rest of the way. Also, if it does it won't have the full flavor or the original.

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Thank you. It's quite green with a yellow side, but that might be the side it was resting on. Only time will tell.

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If it went from pale green to a dark green and it is no longer glossy it will ripen, otherwise it won't. And you should really avoid moving anything other than the tip of the vines, which I understand requires frequent checking. The vines are quite fragile and easily broken, count yourself lucky you only lost a pumpkin and not the whole vine.

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It is dark green. I'll try to remember to post back what happens.

I knew there was a risk in moving the vine, but it was going to choke out my DH's beloved star jasmine hedge, so something had to be done. My garden is tiny, so the vines have to be directed out of the garden to different places, otherwise I'd have no room for anything else.

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