Mulching and groundcovers

witeowl(5)July 12, 2008

We're landscaping with a lot of spreading groundcovers. They're starting out as sad-looking bare-root, small dormant plants. I'm doing my best to have faith that they'll grow.

Since we're in the high desert, maintaining moisture is a big problem, so mulching is not optional; it's mandatory. (The directions for planting the dormant plants also say to mulch.) We're using gorilla hair for most spots, and used some lightweight cedar chips for others. We're doing a very thin layer - probably only 1.5 inches at the fluffiest spots. Really, it's just enough to cover the bare ground - it's for moisture retention rather than weed control.

I left a tiny little space around what little bit of non-root plant stuck out of the ground. My landscaping cohorts did not - they just went right over the smaller plantings. Is that OK?

Also, when we want them to start spreading next year, do we need to remove the mulch? Everywhere, or just in bigger circles around the plants?

Sorry for the long post, but I really want these little things to thrive. I know groundcovers are near-impossible to kill, but you never know with me. ;-)

In case it matters, we're planting:

- snow in summer

- creeping thyme

- improved golden sedum

- red sedum

- periwinkle

Thanks in advance for helping this newbie!

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You might want to put down at least 2 1/2-3 inches of mulch because the sun out west is hot. No the snow in summer, vinca and thyme will grow out over the mulch. Sedum might struggle. You might want to look into 1 gallon junipers, I like Blue Pacific, I'd check Wally World first then HD.

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