Veronica liwanensis - not flowering

John DumasJuly 14, 2005

I overplanted Turkish Veronica (V. liwanensis) last fall, along with daffodils, muscari, and iris reticulata, in a sunny spot in my front yard. Everything has been performing well, and the veronica is spreading slowly, but nicely. However, there is no evidence of flowers or flower buds. I was under the impression that there would be a carpet of blue flowers covering this plant in the summer. Am I being too impatient? Also, nearby there are several 'Sunny Blue Border' Veronica that have recently begun flowering. Are these two different veronicas on the same flowering 'schedule'?

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I think it may be taking the year to get established-

flower catalog claims are almost never entirely truthful- and especially if you divided a large clump, or got small plugs to begin with, it's entirely possible it just hasn't hit 'puberty' yet.

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maureen1953(Z4 Central NY)

I planted mine as plugs last fall, they have spread beautifully and have flowered well, like a carpet of sky blue. Mine are in full sun in very well drained soil. They bloomed in late spring and now intermittantly here and there. Maybe yours just needs more time to settle in.

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