What type of squash am I growing? I thought acorn squash!

adamhide(9)July 2, 2010

So, I planted a bunch of acorn squash from seeds (at leaste the Burpee pack told me it was Acorn Squash), and I have gotten my first female fruit. A long (about 3 inches), skinny (about 1 inch around), yellow fruit. I hand pollinated (lack of bees in the area, I hand pollinate all my squash), now I have to wait. But, does anyone have any idea what I am growing? It is way to big to be a crooked neck, it quite a large plant, but I am pretty sure it's not an acorn squash. Any ideas?

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Burpee may had a packaging problem this year. I just ran across a poster with pictures of a golden zuchinni grown from a Burpee package labeled acorn. Your description fits a cylindrical yellow zucchini. So you are probably in the same boat. If you like yellow zukes , great, but in either event contact Burpee for a replacement package.

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Thank you very much! I will contact Burpee, and now that it is growing, it very much appears to be a yellow zuke

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