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Sid23July 3, 2013

I spied a squash vine borer moth flitting about my quite small plants today while watering. I found a few eggs on the tops and a couple plants with many eggs at the base. What is the best way of removing them from the base. Can I just scrape them off? Do they need to be collected and destroyed like I do with the Squash Bug eggs? Most of the eggs just fell into the soil as I was scraping them off with my finger. I dusted the base of the plants quite heavily with Sevin's "Worry Free" insecticide dust. I usually have bee hives here and never use any insecticides other than home~made soap spray directly on the offenders. But this year no hives and I may be a bit more liberal with the methods I use. No sign of Squash Bugs yet (planted very late this year in WI due to May blizzard and cold soil temps/too much rain etc.) So I hope the late planting helps with the Squash Bugs.
So do I need to collect these SVB eggs that fell into the soil or will they die away from the plant?

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when they fall into the ground, I usually scrape away some of the dirt where I think it fell, and put new dirt, or mulch over that area pretty good. That way when the hatch they are covered with dirt or much and will have a hard time finding the plant.
I would think you dusting the area will Sevin should do the trick

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