Big Max Pumpkin Problems / Leaf Rotting? Help!

bcherryJuly 16, 2010

I planted Big Max pumpkin seeds about a month ago in their own patch and they have been growing beautifully. Over in our big garden we had an eggplant that was getting destroyed by insects. Since we planned on eating the eggplant we wanted to keep it organic. We looked up a remedy so we mixed garlic, cayenne pepper, and dish soap with water... because they hate all three. Then we noticed that the pumpkin plant started to get some nibbles in the leaves. So we sprayed the pumpkin plant too. The eggplant was still ravaged by bugs and died, it was eaten up pretty good. However the nibbles on the pumpkin plant are bigger and look more like grub bites.

Anyways this is what the pumpkin plants look like now. Is it grubs, the spray (soap?), extreme heat, or is it just a disease?... And what can I do about it?

(3 mounds 3 plants per mound)

Having problems producing chlorophyll, it turns a little yellow and the next day it will be white.

Stalk looks good and healthy, new leaves are dying. So I don't think the sun is scorching it.

The Rotting/wilting seems independent from the bug bites.

Grub Bites

1 Mound

I think I have a bug problem. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance!

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