wert9wert(z10FL)July 10, 2005

So I went out again to measure how big the largest gourd is and to see how many new babies are growing and what did I see!!!!!!!!! I was moving one of the big leaves to see how a baby gourd was doing and there it was a big ANOLE (a green lizard about a foot and a half long). I said "Oops!" and walked away - he just stared at me. Now I understand that they don't attack you, but he sure did startle me. I wonder what he'll do to my gourds - anyone know?

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

I have no clue....let's just hope he's only there to enjoy the shade!


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A foot and a half long? Good lord - you sure grow big ones down in Florida! Our anoles here in SC are only 6 or 7 inches or so, tops! Wow!!!

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I know he eats bugs, but I'm hoping he doesn't eat the bugs that pollinate the gourds. Wish he'd go back up into the trees.

Anyway I did get to measure the biggest bottle gourd and it's nine inches tall (so far).

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