Sunday Stroll Through the Garden

maximus7116(MI)July 27, 2014

Today's morning stroll through the garden:

Entry to the back yard:

CHILLED EUPHORIA is the first daylily on tour:



View back to the house (sorry for the schmutz on the camera lens):

WISPY RAYS' last bloom:


SPACECOAST EXTRAVAGANZA, a bonus that worked out well:

A nice Munson, BORGIA POPE:

SWEET CHILD OF MINE FFO (thanks, Debra):


In the side gardens (much better soil but not as much sun), we start with JOAN DERIFIELD, a non-stop bloomer:

REV IT UP is chest-high:


A great oldie, ROCKET CITY, does well under the crab apple tree:

DAYS OF THUNDER, doing very well this year:

CONCRETE BLONDE is probably my favorite yellow:

CHINA LAKE, an old Munson:

DONIZETTI, another Munson:


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Willow Dean Smith is my favorite today. Lots of nice daylilies.

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You have some nice grassy expanses; alas, I have little yard left. Ansel Adams is my fave, and the Borgia Pope photo is one of the best I've seen of that cultivar. Like the eyezone on Chilled Euphoria. I tend to focus on those I don't have. Of course, Suddenly Last Summer (which I have) is very nice too.

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I still love the Munson daylilies....the colors are usually awesome, and while they don't have the wild ruffles, there's something about their form that's quite endearing to me. You have a lot of lovely blooms in your garden today.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow, Chris,I sure love your strolls through the back yard. so have so many beauties in that back yard., hard to even try to pick a favorite,CHINA LAKE is such a beauty. and CHILLED EUPHORIA is really a have so many pretty ones. SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER is soo pretty and WISPY RAYS is always so pretty, too.That
CONCRETE BLONDE is a weird name for such a pretty daylily.Dont like the name, but the bloom is soo pretty. Thanks for the tour of your back yard, hope we have another tour soon.


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Julia NY(6)

Absolutely lovely Chris. Great pics even with the smutz or whatever you called it. Thanks for taking us on a tour of your garden.


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Your garden is gorgeous. I love Catastrophe Waitress, and Concrete Blond is beautiful. That's a beautiful photo of Joan Derifield. Suddenly Last summer and Borgia Pope look really good. Not a stinker in the bunch. Very lovely bunch of eye-candy.

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Maryl zone 7a

The schmutz on the camera looks like a cute little black and white cat to me. Is that his name? Schmutz?....Your yard is so pretty. What are the other flowers is that one shot of daylilies with the blue Balloon flower and what looks like maybe a Phlox? It's a great gathering of colors.......Maryl

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Best stroll ever! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics. How long have you had Rev It Up? How does it do for you? I just got it a couple of months ago, it's had a few pretty blooms and I'm looking forward to seeing it after it settles in over the next year or two.

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Thanks, everyone!

The "schmutz" was a big fingerprint on the lens that I didn't notice until after I'd taken all the photos.

That would be a great name for the cat, Maryl, but her name is Squid. The flowers in the background are three different types of phlox (which tend to overtake the garden if I don't pull the ones that have reseeded), balloon flowers, pink monarda and lilies.

Twix, I've had Rev It Up since 2011. It's probably my favorite bloom from that hybridizer, but has only increased from two to three fans, and only one fan bloomed (8 buds). I can live with that bud count since I'm so far north, but I wish all the fans would scape.

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Love the gate, the path (!) and the kitty :)
From daylilies my favorites are all the watermarks, Willow Dean Smith and Donizetti!
In the kitty pic I see your daylily foliage is hanging over the grass, or it seems so. Mine grow the same and DH always complains that it's a mowing headache ;) I tell him leave it I'll cut it myself, with scissors.. but I haven't yet ;)

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Nat, my husband says the same thing but he's pretty careful. If I extended the beds I guess I wouldn't have the problem, but in the spring it always looks like there's plenty of room. I always underestimate how much room the daylilies need.

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Exactly!! About underestimating :) I should tell my DH he is not alone. He does try to be careful and I really shouldn't say anything, after all I am not the one who's mowing ;)

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shive(6b TN)

What's Squid doing photo bombing your pics? I thought that was Bosco's job. It's good to see Sweet Child of Mine finally blooming for you. It's so much darker in your garden than mine. Suddenly Last Summer, Willow Dean Smith, and Concrete Blonde are my favorites.


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You always have such nice blooms! Wispy Rays and Rev it Up are unfamiliar to me and beautiful!

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Thanks for the info on Rev It Up (for some reason, I always want to call it Let It Rip?!)... I just went and checked mine - two fans, two scapes and it looks like one scape has 5 buds and one has 12. I'll hope it improves and doesn't get worse next year!

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Thanks, mamalion and twix. Twix, I'd be happy with 12 buds on a scape! I hope the plant increases for both of us.

Debra, it's nearly impossible to get photos without one of the many creatures photobombing.

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Maryl zone 7a

Thanks for naming the plants. I was thinking they were Phlox, but that tall white one I wasn't sure of......I used to grow a few Phlox but in my climate they prefer afternoon shade. Unfortunately most plants do (including this gardener) and space was rapidly filled in the few shadier spots. Still how pretty it looks in your garden........Maryl

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