Groundcover on a budget

buffalosaraJuly 13, 2008

I just moved into a rental home and the front of the house is bordered by a 4 foot wide by about 90-100 foot long flower bed area. It's west facing and there are trees a few feet from the bed so it's either partial or fully shaded depending on the spot. Now it's a bit raised and I can't safely get the lawn mower up it to mow it but right now it's just weeds and it's driving me crazy. Being that it's a rental and all that I don't want to sink much money into it ($25ish is about all I'd like to spend), but would like to plant some groundcover to cover the beds. So, what plants would you suggest and where are good places to find them??



Buffalo, NY

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You assume your landlord doesn't want an attractive property. Figure out what you want and ask them if they will deduct what you spend from your rent. The best way might be to ask friends or family if they have ivy, vinca or any perennials they might like to part with in the fall. You can start your own plants, cheap, and maybe put in some bark mulch to spruce up the place. I have included a website where you can learn to propagate perennials including vinca.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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spazboy357(6b/7a Long Island,NY)

Bullthistle - That link seems to be broken or out of date. Can you provide corrected one, please?

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