Newly chopped mulch and bees

miss_huff(7)July 14, 2005

Help! My whole family is angry with me! I had a tree-trimming company that contracts w/ the power company come and deliver its 'free mulch' today in my yard, by my front door. It is an entire truckload - enough for 5 yards! I do not, of course, know what trees were just cut to make it. In addition to now having to pay someone to take the leftovers away (70% of it), and it killing the grass under it that I DID have, there are bees everywhere! I noticed them about an hour after the dropoff. They look like baby yellow jackets - are those sweat bees, or maybe baby yellow jackets? They are swarming in and around the mulch. I'll have to find a way to get my daughter past it, drop her off at Vacation Bible School, then come home and spray, I guess!!??? What could have happened?????? Do those traps work?? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you might post the ID question on the 'garden clinic' board...

but if you douse the pile with a hose, it should slow them down enough to get your daughter to VBS.

now- have you ever seen this kind of bee in your neck of the woods before? if not, it's possible that they ground up a hive or colony with one of the trees, but again, I'd check with the Garden Clinic.

as to having too much mulch- why not share with your neighbors? we do stuff like that all the time. sometimes, sticking a 'free mulch' sign on the pile is enough

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creatrix(z7 VA)

I think they're just checking out the new neighborhood. I bet the number drops as they learn there's no food there.

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bev25(Rhode Island)

I thought that bees are attracted to moisture. Maybe it was a little damp and they got too excited?
In RI there seems to be a over abundance of bees this year and also dragon flies!

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