Buying Ground Covers in Bulk.

joefalco(z8 MB SC)July 30, 2006

I have a slope that is infested with weeds, I plan of cutting all the tall weeds down then covering with cardboard and then mulch and then maybe a mixture of ground covers and other plants.

This is an area that is hard to maintain and I need low matinance plants. I think to get ground covers to establish before weeds do I am going to need to plant in bulk.

Can someone recommend a cheap way to get this project started?

I am open to all suggestions.

I am posting a picture of the area, The picture is a little old and there are even more weeds there now.

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janet_ann(Z6 (NJ))

Well, I know I might get scolded -- but how about good old fashioned English Ivy?

Some think it is invasive, but I love it. It is hardy, eventually it will choke out the weeds, and if you don't own a weed whacker, then BEHOLD -- just take the vine (overgrown) tendril and weave it back in send it in the OTHER DIRECTION!

It stays green all winter, and is pretty low maintenance.

You don't have to run out and buy new plants; you might just ask a few of your neighbors for some cuttings.

Oh, and let's not forget that you can hide/throw/compost in "stray mulch" (twigs, grass cuttings, etc)! We throw leaves and cuttings on the top surface, and then simply take the back of a rack and "flip it" so it drops down.

There are some ivy species that can tolerate sun better. If you want I will look up the folder where I should have specs on that -- offhand I can't remember. But mine seems to survive both in sun and shade.

Best of Luck!

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granny57(6 Ohio)

Have you thought of Ajuga or a groundcover Sedum? I have both and alot of it and would be more then Happy to share it with you.The groundcover Sedum is as tuff as any groundcover you'll ever need for hard to grow places and perfect for slopes and hillsides and even ditches. I have a hard time planting, So with these groundcovers I have been known to just take a hand full and throw it where I want it and TRUST ME, It will grow on it's own, I have some growing on top of a concrete slab around an old well not in use any more,It isn't even in dirt.It has yellow star shaped flowers the first week in June and blooms best for a long time in full sun as well as the Ajuga.I can send you a really good bunch if you'd like any. Let me know and send me your address and off it'll go to your home.
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klickitat(zone 7b GA)

Granny... if you're still looking to move some of your sedum, I'd be interested in getting some. I know you offered this to the OP, but if you want to do a trade or something... I'm in need of similar ground cover for a sloping area. LMK!

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Dear Granny , I'll take some too; if the sedum and/or ajuga are still in the offering .

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maybe someone can give me suggestions as well. i don't have a ditch to fill in but i have a rancher style house, the entire front of it is flowerbeds. they are split in two by a sidwalk but run the length of the house and about 3 1/2 feet wide. we have dwarf evergreen trees planted but
i need something to fill-in. in the past i've planted annuals in the spring but that's getting really expensive. i'd like to plant either small shrubs and/or perennials that will bloom most of the spring/summer. i do have some tulips planted there but they don't bloom very long. any suggestions?

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Recently moved to No. CO from So. Calif. Removed all grass from backyard and now have placed flagstones. Would like your suggestions as to Zone 5 hardy, fast-spreading, steppable, drought-tolerant, 2-3" height max groundcover with pretty, small either white, blue, lavender or light pink flowers in spring/Summer. My yard faces West and gets full afternoon sun and morning partial shade. where could I purchase in bulk or large seed or bulb bags, otherwise it gets too costly and I'm on a budget. I would appreciate your help. Happy Gardening!

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kathrynd(6 NJ)

Hi -
I, too, have a bad spot to fill - between the sidewalk and the road - gets lots of road salt in the winter. It is awful fill soil, lots of rocks and quite dry. Dandelions love it, unfortunately.

I am trying creeping thyme. I got the seed in bulk from Johnny's Selected Seed last spring. I had grand ideas of starting plugs and using them, but never had the time. Around the end of July, owning up to the fact I wasn't going to get to it, I just broadcast the seed in the area.
Last fall I noticed some plants and was quite pleased, although it looked like only one area seeded.
Last night I was removing the Dandelions ( yep - still have some) and found that the entire area had seeded, just the plants were still small. Last falls plants were already 4"+ in diameter.
This is going to take a year or two, but will cost me less then 10 bucks (can't remember exact price) But I think it will be a no maintainence, scented spot soon. Plus flowers. (crosses fingers)

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