lschibleyJune 28, 2008

Are there any Hakonechloas that would accept nearly full sun? I think this plant would look wonderful on a slope I am planting, but unfortunately it gets full sun until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I'm interested in the shape rather than color, so any type would do. If this site wouldn't work for this grass, is there any other low growing grass that has the same cascading effect? It's such a gorgeous plant!


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The normal green form handles sun better. Hakonechloa ÂBeni Kaze has been sold at a nursery in my area, a nice green form that turns reddish when stressed and in the autumn suppossedly (my didn't turn red last fall, but is still nice).

The only problem I think is that you would want an area that stays rather moist, and a slope in mostly full sun may dry out too much.

Ribbon Grass
Phalaris arundinacea
May grow on a slope, easy to grow. Kinda invasive at times thou.

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Hmmm How moist is moist? The slope is just above a perennial bed that I water twice a week, so it would be on a watering cycle. Would it need water every day?


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I wouldn't recommend hakonechloa as a full sun groundcover.

Phalaris as suggested. Also, Carex sedges would work well (those hardy to zone 6).

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Hmmmm, I think I might try it, despite the advice, though I know it comes from experience. I'm a mile from the ocean, so my heat is someone moderated for zone 6. Plus, I am looking at the slope now, and half of it is in shade already at 2:30 so it would definitely miss the hot afternoon sun. I know I am probably asking for trouble, but the image I have is very compelling. I will try the green form rather than the yellow and cross my fingers. Thank you so much for the thoughts!


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Let us know how they do. I'd actually be as worried about them getting adequate moisture than the mid-day sun. Some plants like to dry out between waterings...these do not. Slopeside plantings need to handle extremes a bit better than Hakonechloa. They may do ok though with some attention and care. Best of luck!

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Another grass you might consider would be Alopecurus pratensis 'Aureovariegatus'.

Handles full sun, can dry out between waterings a bit more (although it likes full soaks when watered). Similar color and soft weeping foliage. Also, very hardy. Will possibly self seed on the hillside, but isn't going to be a threat.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Well it's been in the ground for more than a week and it's still perky despite the heat. I only purchased one. Though if it works, I am envisioning a cascade the length of the slope. If it fails, onto another of grass_guys suggestions!

Thanks for all the thoughts!


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friesfan1(5b NW-KS)

I just purchased this grass as well. Now I am rethinking
my location. I am planning a dry stream bed, but am
behind on all of the fun chores that need done around here.

I had a Prairie Dropseed, that I planted last year and it
croaked. I believe that it has a weeping, cascading habit
that you might like.

I couldn't find a replacement in my local area this year, so
want to order it next year.

Back to the Hokone grass. I may try to plant a small shrub
behind it for cover. Something in the red variety. Such
as barberry or something. Sand cherry? bit small would
be preferred.

z 5b KS

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