Groundcover between pavers

jd411July 10, 2013

Hi everyone, newbie here! I'm fairly new at gardening; I've had a vegetable garden for about 5 years but my work with plants pretty much stops there.

Several years ago, my husband and I put down a patio using concrete and one of those stencil things. We wanted to put moss between the blocks but this is not a shady/moist area so the first year we just put sand between them. I got sick of the sand because it went EVERYWHERE, so a year or so after that we put more concrete between the pavers, but after several years it has broken up so we removed it. I wanted to try again with some kind of plant between them so I did some internet research and planted some creeping thyme seeds. They have sprouted, but they seem to be taking quite a long time to grow and/or spread.

I'm getting impatient and would like something that grows more quickly, but doesn't look like a weed. I was looking at the plants growing in the cracks in my street and was wondering if that would be something good to try instead, I just don't know what they are.

The picture is of the patio when we first put it down. The area is in the full sun all day, and at the moment does not drain very well. We are planning on putting in a french drain next to it but haven't done it yet.

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ken_mce(zone 4, NY)

What if you bought some thyme plants at a nursery, divided and planted them?

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Well, we originally didn't want regular thyme because we thought it might grow too tall and look weedy, but maybe we should try it? Do you think the space between the stones is large enough for the plants we'd get at a nursery?

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