Groundcover options between flagstone pavers, low water

gaylJuly 14, 2013

I live in Zone 8 and would love suggestions for ground cover for a small patio area that has flagstone imbedded in sand. It has no irrigation. Since we live in the PNW, most of the year that is no problem, but we tend to have drier summers. What would you suggest that could tolerate the rain from September to June, but the dryness of the summer that would look good between my pavers? This area gets good afternoon sun. Thanks!

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As long as the planting area drains well, you have a lot of options - Leptinella squalida, any of the various creeping thymes, rupturewort (Hernaria glabra), Scotch or Irish moss, blue star creeper, etc. Any of these will need periodic watering this season after planting and occasional irrigation during the driest parts of the summer thereafter but should tolerate the rest of our weather fine.

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thank you for your advice. I can water by hand in the summer, but there are times we are gone and it just won't be watered. Of the options you gave, do you have any favorites? Any plusses or minuses for each? thanks so much!

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