having bad problem w/maiden grass, please help ny

jolusianyJune 3, 2008


I dont know too much about this type of amazing looking grass...so if I explain something that does not make sense please ask me again.

The problem: I picked up 4 maiden grasses, that are about 3ft tall. They looked GREAT while in the pots and for a day or so...they looked fine in the ground, but now they are looking like they are about to die and I need some help!

I would have posted a pic but having issue with camera. There was only one tag in the pot that came with the OG and it says they are 'Gracillimus'. The blades are very thin with only 1 white stripe going down the center.

What is happening now, is that the sides of the leaf are rolling into the center and the tips are turning brown and beginning to curl...so it went from a wide, flat thin blade to a very thin round blade and I dont know why.

We live in staten island NY which I was told is zone 6b. I dont know if this is from too much water or not enough water. Does anyone know if the look I described would look the same if it was too much water...or would the blades turn yellow or etc???

Please help...


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Sounds like they need water. Be sure the pots weren't root-bound and the soil is well-draining and loose. get some water on them regularly as they establish.

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Hello and thank you.

The roots were bound and tight in the pots and I tried to loosen them up a bit but didnt want to really rip the roots apart.

Is there a way to tell if I'm adding too much water...or would it start to look the same way as before with the curling?

After posting my question, I decided to give it more water and then that night it rained a little bit...and when I looked at them today I could not believe that they looked as if nothing ever happened to them...the tips are not curly anymore....so I guess the water I gave it and the rain helped.

BUT...my problem is how much watering should you do if you have just planted it in the ground?

Also, last question...from what I read on maiden grasses and this type of grass...they like full sun, right? I just want to be clear that the problem I'm having is not also from the sun beating it.

Thanks again so much for all the advice...this forum is the BEST!!!


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If the pots were really root bound and tightly packed, best to cut off the bottom inch or so of roots and cut slits into the roots down the sides. Also, when you prepare the soil/hole for planting, really loosen up the soil 1 1/2 to 2 x's the size of the rootball. You want to be sure you're getting water to the roots. When you plant, don't plant any deeper than the existing soil line of the pot...that will help avoid rot problems if water tends to sit in the area or if the soil does not drain well.

Miscanthus likes full sun and deep watering, but let the soil somewhat dry out between waterings. Don't let them sit with their toes wet all the time.

It sounds like the root ball was very pot bound and you're now having trouble getting water to the plant, without the help of a good rain. The first few weeks are the most important as they establish. Don't let them dry out excessively during that time. Once established, they can better handle the occasional dry period, however, frequent summer waterings will keep the grass from getting brown tips.

Grasses are really good at telling you when they're thirsty.

Good luck!

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

I suggest digging up the plants and ripping the rootballs apart as the previous poster described. They're so root bound they can't spread into your soil and they can't take in water properly.

BTW, with very rare exceptions, whenever the root ball of a plant is bound as you describe, rip it apartbefore planting.

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