what do you feed them?

fpgoaJuly 9, 2009

My pumpkins are growing pretty well à t this point. I have already started harvesting zukes and some yellow summer squash are getting fattened up this week.I have a few baseball size pumpkins set on what I assume is my big max or hercules volunteer from last year. I also have some nice flowering and some female buds starting on the heirlooms I am growing this year.

For food, I have been using a regular tomato fert granular that everybody seems to recommend in the garden places around here and they get some compost tea sprayed on once a month.

What does everybody else use when the want big results when flowering and fruit stages hit? I hear I should limit the nitrogen since the vines are already established.

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If you fertilize them too much they will grow more foliage.
If the color of leaves are nice green. There is no need to fertilize anymore. But if very light green/yellow then fertilize. If the leaves are dark green, you have already overfertilized them.

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Should I keep up the compost tea spraying?

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