Lamium and Creeping Jenny

nac_mac_feegle(Hamilton, On)July 24, 2005


I have both Lamium and Creeping Jenny in pots. What I'm wondering is whether I can use them as groundcovers in my perennial beds. Will they climb over other plants, or just through and under?

Also, I know Creeping Jenny will invade the lawn, but will Lamium?



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Lamium can't compete with turfgrass, partially because the stems are so soft/juicy.

it will 'lean' on larger plants, but it doesn't climb on its own- at worst, you will have to occasionally brush it aside, and encourage gravity to take over.

I've got the pink, and the white- flowering types growing under my weglia, my lupines, and my ferns, and they seem quite content.

the creeping jenny, I can't seem to get to grow!

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auntpeach(z5 il)

Hello Feegle. Have some White Nancy lamium growing nicely below a royal purple smokebush and after 2 summers, it has filled in nicely. Doesn't appear to be traveling too far from its home. But that creeping jenny, now that's another story! I have a very old Victorian home that probably once had a fabulous garden. We have creeping jenny all over the yard, getting mowed over and over again, and still it lives. A few years ago, I decided I kinda liked those cute little leaves, so transplanted some into my main garden. It has pretty much carpeted most of it, and I've allowed it to happen. That is, with the exception of around the rugosa rose bushes, cause they supposedly need lots of circulation around their base. Anyway, the creeping jenny has carpeted a major portion of my main garden, and I like it. I think it's a matter of taste. What would you rather look at in between plants, mulch or creeping jenny? It seems like the creeping jenny comes up right through the hardwood mulch except where it's more than 2". It also seems to help keep the soil moisture somewhat even, but I could be wrong about this. Have only checked once in a while. If you don't like it around a plant, it's easy enough to pull up and replant and will recover and keep on conquering with just a little watering at first. Good luck! Aunt Peach in Elgin, IL

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nac_mac_feegle(Hamilton, On)

Now if I could just get rid of the bindweed....

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Ack, bindweed! Horrible plant, just horrible, the Godzilla of the plantworld. Round-Up is the only thing that works to keep it from gowing unchecked and strangling your plants, shrubs and pets.

I love creeping jenny as a groundcover. The yellow is such a great contrast to greens. My only issue is that until it gets established, weeding between the tiny leaves is a pain. I'm hoping this whole bed will fill in by next spring.

As far as it invading other areas, I find it so shallow-rooted, it's a snap to pull.

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nac_mac_feegle(Hamilton, On)

That's great to know, and since we're in similar zones, CJ should behave about the same here.


Sorry, had to vent...


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amyta(z8 mid GA)

I love Creeping Jenny.

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