mini jigsaw blades

sassie60(Z4 ON)July 31, 2005

I have a Proxxon Mini Jigsaw STS 12/E and so far have not had to replace the blades. I have been searching this site as I thought I had seen a posting where someone bought blades at Canadian Tire store very reasonably. They were able to cut the blades in half and they work just as well. Could anyone tell me what type of blade it was? Sandy

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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

Sandy-This was posted by Nonnie_GA a while back.
"I don't know if this will work but you might try it. I have a mini-jig saw and instead of buying the expense blades for the mini I use scroll saw blades and cut them into shorter pieces for the mini. The scroll saw blades just might fit an Excacto knife. If so, let me know, please."

I believe she has the Proxxon saw.I have the mini jigsaw from Harbour Freight(Chicago brand) and used a regular jigsaw blade in it (cut to fit) because I was desperate.It didn't work very well.LOL I don't know if the Harbour Freight blades will fit the Proxxon but they are only $1.00 each................Lillie

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sassie60(Z4 ON)

Thanks Lillie. I'll get in touch with Nonnie as well. It could have been a Walmart store as the U.S. doesn't have Canadian Tire Stores. I'm going there this morning so I'll check the blades out.

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Nonnie_GA(7b GA)

Sandy and Lillie, yes it was me that posted. I buy my scroll blades at Home Depot but sometimes have trouble finding them. I cut the blade in half and then cut off the little nub at the end. I like the fine blades as they cut better. They are definitely cheaper than ordering the Proxxon Blades.

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sassie60(Z4 ON)

Hey Lillie & Nonnie: I did find what we call a Coping Saw blade which I'm sure Home Depot would carry. They are 6" long with 5 in a package for $3.99 CDN at Canadian Tire store. I haven't tried them yet but they will fit and cutting them in half will certainly keep me in blades for sometime. Thanks gals.
Oh, one more thing. Re "clay for gourds" back in March 2005, does the modelling clay adhere to the gourds or do you need to glue it on. I'm trying to put a rain roof on a purple martin gourdhouse and figured the clay would work great. Any hints?

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Nonnie_GA(7b GA)

Sandy, unless you really waterproof air dried clay it will not stand up in the weather. If you decide to use the clay I would suggest that you use spar varnish which is a marine varnish used on boats. Adhering to the gourd depends on how you are going to make the roof. Let us know what shape it will take and maybe we can offer you help.


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sassie60(Z4 ON)

Hi Nonnie,
I'm working on Purple Martin Gourdhouses and from photos I've seen, they like a little arc shaped roof over the entrance so they can peer out for predators. This arc shape is what I was hoping to make out of the clay. I tried using pieces of a margarine container but it wouldn't bend or adhere as well as expected. Anyway, I'm having fun trying and that's what it's all about. I won't be putting the houses out till next season so they will have lots of time to dry.

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