Groundcover between flagstone...NEWBIE

deeyore(Western PA)July 5, 2005


I'm new to this site and to anything relating to gardening so bear with me. My DH and I put in a flagstone patio last year. We had a contractor dig the ground, put in drains etc. We used this gravel/sandy stuff to level and sweep between the stones. The contractor said it would eventually lighten up and become hard. IT DIDN'T. So now everytime it rains there is gray gravel sandy stuff on top of this stone. The stones are quite nice with different colors of red orange and yellow tones. Anyway we would like to replace this with some type of ground cover. We want somethig that is very low growing, can take full sun,

(we have absolutely no shade) can take foot traffic and a dog and wouldn't grow over the stone too much. Does something like this exist?? My husband wants moss. Can moss take full sun? Would also like something non flowering if possible. Hate Bees. Sorry this post is so long. Am I being too picky.


Lost in PA

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franeli(z4 NH)

I have the same situation with a new walkway under a pergola...what a mess after rain,ugh!
I'm putting in creeping thymes(dug out sand/gravel and transplanted with compost-soil)
There is a plant called Irish Moss, Stepables has it on their web site. This might be good in your zone. Check out their website,it is a good one.

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yes try a steppable. corsican mint might do it for you. also
consider some of the other mints and/or thymes. bloom periods are relatively short and a run over with the mower will keep them shortand non-blooming. Check for rcommendations with herb growers.

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amyta(z8 mid GA)

It's probably too late by now but we used Blue Creeper between our flagstones. I've been very satisfied with it. Tiny blue flowers are pretty too.

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I have had corsican mint in between flagstones that get morning sun for years.
It smells awesome, but unfortunately after several years, the moss took over!
It does spread really well and lots of it has shown up in other areas of the yard where I never planted it! We have found Blue Star Creeper to be SO invasive!
Do not plant it where it can enter your lawn! It covers everything in sight! Moss will not take full sun, it will dry up and die. Creeping thyme is a nice choice as
well as the corsican mint. I think anything will start to grow over the stones. Just get some pruners and prune them.

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