What's happening to the thyme??

ehamm(9)August 12, 2008

I have a large patio with 4' x 4' concrete squares divided by 3" gaps that are planted with creeping thyme. The thyme is watered using an automatic underground watering system. The patio is in full sun most of the day (with a couple of areas that are in part shade). The thyme was planted about a year ago and has done great until just recently. I am now noticing that in certain areas, it is turning black. The black patches appear to start below the surface...at the soil level but eventually take over the whole area. When you touch the black areas, they are dried out and brittle.

I can't seem to find anything anywhere that can identify the problem I am having, therefore, I don't know what to do to treat it. Is it root rot? Or something else? I really haven't done anything differently lately, however, it has been hot. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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How often does the automatic watering system come on and for how long? Thyme is extremely drought tolerant once established and should need very little supplemental irrigation. Based on your description of the watering system and the plants, I'd guess too much water, leading to root rot.

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I have been watering 3x per week for 6 minutes at a time. When you say thyme "should need very little supplemental irrigation", what do you mean by "very little"? What kind of watering schedule would you suggest?

Also, assuming it does have root rot, will the thyme come back if I correct the watering schedule? Or should I tear out the affected areas and start over?

Thanks for your help!

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my thyme does the same thing in my hanging basket.

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