big pumpkin seeds in st. louis area

jakskrillaJuly 6, 2011

where at in the st. louis area can i buy seeds to grow big 60-200 lbs.....i can't find them anywhere.....if u know somewhere please let me know, i'm growing a little pumpkin patch for my nephew and thought he would really be suprised and act all excited if i had a really big one....i already have about 12 regular size one growing....that way some of the kids in my neigborhood could have one.....thanks...much appreciated

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i would order them from dills atlantic giants. you dont know what youre getting from some seed co. dills is fast. but i dont think you have enough time this year. you should be polinating now.

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I bet Terry is right. Atlantic Giant has a days to maturity of 120-130 days.
Here's a place to look at some possibilities. 100-110 days would probably still make it in your area.

Tahlequah, OK

Here is a link that might be useful: Baker Creek Heirlooms/ winter squash

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