Insect on Squash - should I be concerned?

gabrielle2005July 8, 2007

I have a butternut squash with some sort of insect problem. There are neat little rows of black eggs underneath many of the leaves. Today I noticed one of the unopened flowers had a black and white bug crawling around inside of it. At least, I think it had white. Bugs really give me the creeps, so I didn't stick around long to watch it come back. Should I spray some Sevin insect killer on this baby?

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iacche(z6 Eastern PA)

Are you sure the eggs were black? Could they have been dark brown? This page has a picture of squash bug eggs, most of the way down the page. They come in a range of colors, from yellowish to dark brown. If that's what they look like, scrape them off and squish them. Here's another page with a pic of squash bug eggs

I don't know of a black and white bug. The worst squash pests I know of are the squash vine borer (a red wasp-like moth that lays single tiny eggs, which turn into larvae that bore into the stem of the squash and kill them -- though I think butternuts are pretty resistant to SVBs, as they are known 'round here). Then there are squash bugs. Then there are striped cucumber beetles, which are about 1/4 inch long, colored mostly yellow and black, with stripes along the wings (though they also come in a spotted form). SCBs can spread Bacterial Wilt, which makes plants wilt and die.

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