Only two stalks of porcupine grass coming in?

yoursisterdebraJune 28, 2008


We planted Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus' (porcupine grass) last summer and it did very well, developing into a nice big clump. In very early spring we cut the dead stuff down to 6-8" (read several websites which suggested this)... however, since the weather has warmed up only two stalks of grass have begun to grow. They are already about 2' tall but there is no sign of additional stalks coming up. My poor husband is rather sad that his glorious clump of grass from last year is now two sad little stalks LOL. Did we do something wrong, or is there anything we can do to help? Or should we just replace it and try again? We are in central Illinois and it has been warm here for a while (i.e. we have tomatoes ripening on the vine already in the garden). The porcupine grass is planted off the deck next to the house, so it gets basically full sun and should have been warm enough over the winter (I would think). Thank you very much for any advice you can offer.

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Miscanthus should be coming up in your area by now, so those stalks may be it.

It was an unusual winter with warming and thawing, then cold snaps again. That kind of weather can create loss even in zones where the plant normally survives quite well.

Other things to look at. Was it mulched well? Was the crown planted too shallow? Too deep? Soil loose and well draining? My guess is that after it was cut back, you had a warm thaw then a cold snap that caused damage.

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