So many insects this year????

josieoh-05July 27, 2010

Hi, I am in NE Georgia and am having a terrible time with all kinds of insects in garden this year. I don't like to use insecticides and so I think I wait to late to start spraying. This evening I sprayed my tomatoes, found 5 hornworms (hate them), a lot of stink bugs and small catepillars. I sprayed with sevin and was wondering if everyone else was having a lot of bugs? What do you spray with? josieoh-05

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I have a few leaf footed stink bugs. I like to bug 'em! I go out several times a day and wave my arms over and around them and eventually they decide they HATE my garden and move it along. Horn Worms get hand picked.
I have ants aphid farming on my southern peas and also the egg plant. That has been frustrating. Neem, soap, blasts of water - even WASHING them off with a wash cloth and soap and water then putting diamotaceous earth around the plants has not helped. However, now I am getting loads of butterflies and lots of bees including and bee flys so I won't use anything else at all. I hate to kill my pollinators! I need them!!

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