Butternut squash leaves yellowing

wolverine1012July 18, 2012

OK, so I choose butternut squash as its supposed to be the least affected by the SVB. The plants have some along nicely and set about 6 fruit. Today I noticed that some of the leaves have begun to yellow. We've had the same hot weather as everyone else and have been watering every third day. Yesterday all the plants got a balanced granular fertilizer.

The picture is not the best but you should be able to see the issue.

Anyone have any idea about what's going on and what to do?

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Sorry, I guess the picture didn't post. Let's try again.

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Anyone got any ideas?

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Are you doing anything to control pests and diseases?

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I try to examine the leaves regularly for SVB and squash bug eggs, and have pulled a few SB eggs off the leaves. I occasionally see cucumber beetles in the garden, but they are gone before I can do anything about them.

I have sprayed several times with pyrthrin/rotenone and plan to give a good neem oil spray tomorrow.

You can't tell from the picture, but that is one vine. It's the leaves closer to the stem that are turning yellow. The ones farther out seem to he healthy.

My wife put some straw around the stem to mulch the plant. I pulled that off today because I got to thinking that the problem started right after we did that.

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Hi, I had that same prolbem with butternut squash this year, we had a very hot and dry summer and the butternut leaves yellowed and wilted, I sadly only got 2 squash out of the plant, I am not an expert but I think it is either cucumber beetle or drougt stress. When itis too hot the plants wilt and can't set fruits. Cucumber beetle feeds on tissues in the squash and transmits rot or powdery mildew, I tried picking of the cucumber beetles with hand but it was very hard, there were just too much, sadly at this stage there is no saving the plant, however DO NOT throw it in the compost bin because whatever it was infected with gets in the compost and when you use the compost next year the next generation of squash gets infected.

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At the time I posted this, there were no SVB yet. However I do agree that SVB, along with cucumber beetles (both striped and spotted), and squash bugs can do a number on your plants. I hand picked squash bugs and their eggs from the leaves all season, so hopefully the population will be smaller next year.

I decided, though, that my problem was the soil. I cleaned out a drainage ditch and I assumed that the soil would be rich from silt and decayed plants from the past. It turns out that the soil had the nitrogen leached out of it and, when I gave the plants some nitrogen, they greened up and I got quite a few squash from them.

Now, on to next year...

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