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mje224(z6PA)June 11, 2005

Hi, I'm new here and figured someone would know the answer. I was in Eureka Springs AR and saw a tall plant that was mostly white with green variegation and grew like a stalk of corn about 5' tall. Any ideas what it was?

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might be variegated Giant Reed Grass Arundo donax, but they get much taller than that by summer.

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gillespiegardens(Z6 cinti ohio)

yes i agree that your plant sounds like variegated arundo donax

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Hey Sue, do you know much specifics about growing Arundo donax in Ohio? in Columbus the nurseries do not sell it, thou I have seen Arundo donax growing around town, and on the net about it growing in Michigan. It's not very invasive this far North, is it? so that should not be a issue?

is it easy to dig up a rhizome to plant? I have somebody living near me who has the Green Arundo donax... maybe i could try to raise the courage to ask them if i could dig something up, since I'm not sure where to get it. the few online sources that i can find seem very shaky and very expensive for what is probably a very small plant

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Thanks. I looked up a picture and it does look like the plant I saw. I knew someone would know on this forum!!

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