Weedy Rock-Bed Groundcover

bheritierAugust 23, 2014

Hello, I have a gravel/rock bed around my in-ground pool. We had a crazy bamboo problem for years. Now that I got rid of that, the whole rock bed is a mess and full of assorted weeds. I am looking for a groundcover that will work well here, and choke out the weeds. There is a plastic ridge between the rocks and the lawn, but I would like to prevent it from taking over the lawn.

I would prefer it's something matted and short. I tried Blue-Star Creeper, but couldn't get it to really take off. It would spread a little, but apparently didn't make it through last winter. The only other thing I have in there that I care about is some Clematis.

It's a full-sun area all day. I'm not opposed to a little watering. Thanks for looking!

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