Pollenless Pepos?

tcstoehrJuly 5, 2010

As if it's not bad enough that I get only very rare male blossoms on my zukes and patty pans, both of my Sunburst patty-pans' male flowers are pollenless. The stigma looks small and stunted and not a grain of pollen to be seen. The zuke nearby has plenty of pollen on his large, dusty stigma. Is this a phase they go thru? Weather induced? Bad seed? What's the deal?

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My guess is that this is a temporary condition. Are the plants still very young?

Tahlequah, OK

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No, they're not young at all. They were planted very early and suffered through an extended cold, wet spring time. They're several feet wide with huge leaves and more female blossoms that I can shake a stick at. It's just the two Sunbursts having this problem, the zuke right next to them has normal male flowers, although damn few.

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