Need a groundcover that will take HEAT! that will remain green.

ingeborgdotAugust 10, 2006

I need some ground cover that will take summer heat in western Kansas. We get over 100 degrees on many occasions. I need it to remain green all year. Is there anything you can think of? Thanks.

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janet_ann(Z6 (NJ))

I'm giving you the same answer I just gave another poster in the thread below:

Yes, I've had great success with Blue Star Creeper!

Here an a excerpt from an eBay seller, but you should be able to order it from any nursery or on-line nursery.

Blue Star Creeper (Laurentia fluviatilis) is not very well-known, but is a very tough groundcover. Its dainty appearance belies its true nature. Light blue flowers bloom from Spring to Fall. Mature height is 3". Foliage is evergreen in warmer climates and semi-evergreen in colder areas. Prefers full sun to light shade and moist soil. Tolerates foot heavy foot traffic (3 or more times daily)! Perfect for mass plantings and naturalizing. A nice low maintenance plant. Good for USDA climate zones 5 or 6 to 10.

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I guess I should have stated that we are hot and dry. The blue star creeper looks nice but needs more water than we can supply. Thanks.

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I would suggest creeping thyme. Last year I planted some and after a couple of weeks of watering to let it get established I didn't water it at all. It was one of the dryest summers here and the temperatures got pretty hot too. They are all still doing fine. I have mowed it and walked on it and they come back fine. In the winter they don't really stay green but they turn a mahogany like color which is kind of pretty. I have never seen them die back at all.

Hope that helps

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janet_ann(Z6 (NJ))

Well, I'm not so sure Blue Star Creeper needs all that much moisture.

I planted it around May and NEVER watered it -- it simply tolerated whatever rain it got.

Now if your rains are much less than occasional, then perhaps it is not a good choice -- but I still would not overlook this plant. You might want to try just one to see how well it tolerates "abuse."

Good Luck

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