Yellow Lower Leaves on Gourds

blade-runner(ZONE 8 - Houston, TX)July 3, 2007

I have four hills of gourds which were going gang busters with vines about five feet tall and blooming nicely, but now the lower leaves are turning yellow and disappearing. We've had about three weeks of wet weather, although there has been some sunshine generally every day.

Are my gourds suffering from all the rain or should I be looking for something else?


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Hi Blade Runner, I also have birdhouse gourds that have lower yellowing leaves and all the flowers are dropping, same with my squash and striped cohash. I was told it was due to all the rain that we have had lately so hopefully wityh sunny weather it will fix itself. I have a gardener friend coming over to look at them as well as some roses and other plants to see if all the rain has damaged them. If you hear otherwise please let me know, I will let you know what my friend thinks the yellowing lower leaves on my gourds are from.


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blade-runner(ZONE 8 - Houston, TX)

Thanks, Trina. I noticed a couple of baby gourds over the weekend, so hopefully the plants will recover and produce more. I'm in Kingwood, BTW, and it is now sunny and things are drying out a bit.


There are no answers -- only choices.

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I'm near Ft. Worth. I have been growing gourds for 4 years now. Some years I have more success than others. I use a fungicide if I see any yellowing of the leaves. I'm kind of paranoid as last year I ended up throwing out most of my gourds because they pretty much stopped growing during the heat of the summer and then started up again when temps. began to cool a bit. Shortly thereafter we had a freeze and I lost most of them. The Texas heat can be tough on the plants from my experience.

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I forgot to mention, I've read that gourds should be watered in the morning not at night, to cut down on fungus issues and the leaves shouldn't be watered also.

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