Who is growing tropical fruits in GA?

tiffaneygaJuly 6, 2005

I am curious to know what types of tropical fruits or regular fruits are you currently growing here in Georgia?

Currently, I am growing a Julie mango, mexican avocado, pineapple, bananas, kumquat, pink lemon, tangerine, pineapple guave, strawberry guava, grapefruit, sanguinelli orange, and I have a soursop on the way! Unfortunately, I had a lovely jackfruit which I managed to kill! sobs...

My regular fruits include: Italian honey fig, celeste fig, pumpkins, watermelons,pear tree, sweet lace grape, apples, blueberries, and a host of veggies and herbs.

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gagirl30161(7 Alabama)

I am growing pineapple but haven't had any fruit yet.

I also have some banana trees.

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GAAlan(z7b(on map) 8(imby) Atlanta)

Are you growing edible bananas in the ground in your area? I've got two mats of Musa basjoo flowering and fruiting now, but you can't make a sandwich with it!

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gagirl-I've had my pineapple for over a year and I can't seem to get mine to flower either....

GAAlan-I have a Mona Lisa banana and another type in pots but both have the ability to produce bananas. Both are fairly tall but they have never flowered for me....

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I have a Persian lime and a Meyer lemon. Both produce fruit periodically.

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I have a Key Lime, a Meyer and 'Improved Meyer' Lemon that I overwinter in the basement along with my perennial figs and strawberries. All do wonderfully. Will be watching for more fruit growers--especially those grown in upper mid-GA. I'd sure like to hear from Paw-Paw growers!

Thanks for posting, where are you? I'm between Atlanta and Macon.

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I have passionfruit, dragonfruit, persimmon, improved meyer lemon and an 18 inch tall avocado that i found in my compost pile a few weeks ago. I have only lived this house for a year so i have had no fruit from any of the above yet, but tons of flowers on the passionflower and lemon. The persimmon was here before me so I might see some action this year.

I also have blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, figs and a big veggie/herb garden.

I am interested in trying pomegrante and kumquat. What I would give for a real Julie mango!!!!

I am in Augusta.

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I have ginger and banana too.

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Suwanee75- mangoes are really fun to grow, you should try it. Have you ever thought about purchasing one?

I am thinking about getting a wax jambu, jackfruit (I killed the first one), dragonfruit, pomegrante, buddha hand (I killed the first one), sweetsop, and a rambutan. I declare I am obsessed w/ these plants, they are like my little children......

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Speaking of fruits and all, has anyone ordered from 'Just Fruits and Exotics'?

Here is a link that might be useful: Just Fruits and Exotics

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gagirl30161(7 Alabama)

My banana trees are to small to flower yet. I don't believe that they are the fruiting kind though. My friend that lives in Florida brought me a stalk of bananas that she had grown in her backyard. Made me sick!! LOL They were small bananas but the taste was out of this world! They were so much better than store bought bananas.

My pineapple plants look pretty but still no fruit! I do know people around here that have had fruit and said that it was really good. So...I am waiting...hoping..maybe next year!

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I have been to Just Fruits about a year ago, it is on the way to the beach for me. It was a great place, very friendly staff, good selections. I bought all of my blues there.

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I just received a wax jambu, dragonfruit, sweetsop, soursop, lychee, and macadamia nut tree! So far so good! The sweetsop is producing a few fruit!

I'm hoping to buy a cashew next!

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