Miniature Brass Buttons

kaybradj(Portland, OR)August 27, 2012

Does anyone know if it can be mowed?

I am thinking about planting this against the fence as a transition from the lawn.

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Yes, you can mow them.....but it's going to take a very low setting on your mower to have any kind of impact (far lower than you would typically mow your lawn).

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kaybradj(Portland, OR)

Thanks for the advice. Makes sense. The idea wasnt to actually mow them but I wanted to make sure they would survive the mower where it starts to mix with the lawn.

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I figured that's what you meant :-) Just wanted you to know that this was a very low, mat-forming GC - much lower than lawns typically are kept.

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I'm interested in possibly replacing our back lawn with Miniature Brass Buttons. According to the Stepables website it's supposed to take heavy traffic. Have you found this to be true? Does it block out the weeds? What does it feel like for people who actually walk on it? How often do you have to do any mainteance with it? Any real-life perspective on this plant as a groundcover would be greatly appreciated.

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