Blue Juniper ('Icee Blue') groundcover

kelly922August 12, 2012

Hi there - have 2 small 4 inch pots of Icee Blue Juniper waiting to go into the ground but I'm not sure how it spreads. Tag says it will spread anywhere from 6 - 8ft but I'm not exactly sure what that means. Is that - 6 - 8ft all around from the center of the pot? Or in one direction (as it seems from the pictures)? I know it sounds like a silly question but it really does matter in terms of where in the garden bed I plant them. (I'm looking for it to eventually fall over a low wall) Thx for your help!

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Growth is not necessarily going to be uniform......plants seldom grow in perfect circles :-) You should plan on a spread of a radius of 3-4' from the base of the plant but various conditions can alter that: planting on a slope, directional light conditions, source of water, training methods, etc.

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I know I live in Utopia over here....perfect circles and pink ponies! LOL! Okay so that would make more sense - it just appeared from its pictures to grow "forward" mostly therefore my confusion. I will plan accordingly - thank you for your help!

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How much grass/weeds do I need to remove around blue rug junipers before I plant them on a sunny slope. I have seen conflicting information with regard to planting, spacing, and preparing the soil.

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