Todd EvansJuly 16, 2009

I planted watermelon for the first time this year as an experiment and it seems to be working splendidly so far.

I have two Crimson Sweet watermelon plants in their own 3x3 raised box. Both are very lush and spreading out further and further each day. Both have multiple melons (6-8) on them ranging in size from a softball down to pea sized.

My first question is if I should discourage the growth of so many melons on each plant? My softball sized melon is just eight inches up the vine from one the size of a baseball, which might be my second biggest. Can one vine support two melons like that?

Also, this box is in a grassy area right next to my main raised garden. The vines are out into the grass (which was the intention) and most of the melons are laying in the grass. Will this be ok for the long term health of the melons or should I get them up off of the ground? If so, what would be the best method to do so?

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I would discourage the growth of more vines and leave the the existing fruits on. Pinch off the tips of vines.(all of them) This way the vines should have more energy for the fruits. Also stop fertilizing them.

I don't see why the vines not to be able to support 2 or more melons. Maybe it is a good idea to pinch of all the female flowers from now on, if there is not enough time for them to grow and ripen.

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