Suggestions for groundcovers in zone 5 that will cover rock?

susankaAugust 3, 2009

Hi -- We live south of Pueblo at about 5500 feet, have a yard that's 2 years old. We have 13 trees and many small shrubs in the front yard, planted on berms with small rock covering the berms to keep foxes from digging up the irrigation lines (which they did every night before we put down the rock). What we wanted was a foresty look. Can you suggest what groundcover we might plant that would cover the rock berms and the paths between the berms? It would have to be able to survive pretty hot sun on those rocks in the summer, but we'd like something that would look as much like a forest floor as possible. We were considering ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea) but are afraid it would take too much water. It's very invasive in our back yard, but is much more shaded there. Thank you very much.

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It sounds like the area you want to plant may be a bit too sunny and dry for a plant like Glechoma hederacea, which is native to Europe and southwestern Asia. Glechoma hederacea prefers moist ground in low woods in partial shade.

That being said, I'm not too familiar with plants from your area, but you seem to have a well-stocked nursery close to you called "Sunscapes" (see link below). I would ask them about the best plants for these conditions. Most of the plants they carry sound more suited to this area on the berms than the ground ivy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Suncapes plant nursery

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Thank you very much! Had never heard of these folks, but they're only a half hour away. I appreciate your responding, will call them today.

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You're very welcome. Hope you find some great plants!

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