weed amidst creeping thyme

Doug4thymeAugust 6, 2013

Mostly, I prefer to pull weeds from amidst creeping thyme. But ... I will resort to weed/grass killers, if necessary. Does anyone know if killers such as "weed-b-gone" and "grass-b-gone" also kill off the creeping thyme. I am thinking particulary of grasses and that sneaky little plant, "heal all". It's kinda cute, but I don't want it messing up my thyme.

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"Grass-b-gone" only targets monocots or bladed, grass-like plants so quite safe to use with any sort of creeping groundcover.

"Weed-b-gone" targets dicots or any broadleaved plant........unfortunately, herbicides like this are not smart enough to distinguish between a desired broadleaved plant (the thyme) and a weedy broadleaved plant (the 'heal-all'). These type of weeds will need to be removed by hand.

Using a pre-emergent like Preen or corn gluten meal after hand weeding will reduce additional weed development.

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