Need Ideas for 'Evergreen' ground cover?

gardenlady48(z5 IL)August 9, 2007


I'm wanting some type of evergreen, pine, spruce or whatever to cover 2 areas beside my driveway entrance. I don't care for that juniper rug that I see 'everywhere' any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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Look for Microbiota decussata, also known as Russian or Siberian cypress. It is a true groundcover-type conifer, only growing about a foot tall (and that's being generous) but spreads nicely to cover 5-6 feet. It has a soft, feathery foliage texture and turns color in winter, becoming a bronzy plum color. (Ignore the "dirty brown" comment in the attached link. This plant gets amazing attention in our display garden in midwinter due to its unusual and attractive coloration)

Pines or spruces really are not ideal chioces for a groundcover conifer as few grow low enough or spread enough to be effective. That's why junipers are so popular for this purpose. The Microbiota is a much classier and less common choice. Very hardy as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microbiota decussata

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I have a commercial property with lots and lots of different kinds of evergreens. I still have to mow between them and I would like to find a way to end this chore. Would it be possible to plant Microbiota between the other trees and simply let it spread to cover the weeds? Would the Microbiota be detrimental in any way to the existing conifers or simply grow around them?


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