Dwarf Granny Smith Apple Trees

Konohamaru(zone 7)July 5, 2014

Has anyone had success with these trees? If so, would you give me some tips? We planted two several years ago. While the trees are doing well, the apples are not. They tend to get spots and/or just fall off the trees way before harvest time- that's whatever the squirrels don't eat.

If you are spraying your trees and having success, what are you using?

Thanks in advance for your advice :)

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Granny Smith is a variety that is highly susceptible to a disease called fire blight. that is the number 1 disease problem for our area. The odds of growing apple successfully in Georgia go way up if you choose disease resistant varieties such as Liberty, Pristine or Goldrush.

Here is a link to a UGA spray program that is pretty good that I follow for the most part.

I suggest you start reading the Gardenweb Fruits & Orchards blog, you can learn alot from the site. That is how I got started, I now am growing around 50 apple varieties, all on dwarf rootstock.

Here is a link that might be useful: UGA spray program

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