Help with covering steep rocky slope!

sixtwoAugust 11, 2012

Hello all, new guy here from Oregon.

Just bought an older house on a small mountain. Our property is pretty much carved into the side so there is a 6-8' wall around my house and property. There is soil and grass on top of the hills. The slope is steep enough that you couldn't climb it and it's basically all rock. I would to cover it with something, anything! I assume I'll have to have something on top that will hang down as I don't know of anything that will root into the actual rock. I'm open to ground cover or landscape ideas.

Thanks for any help!

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Look at native plants that can found growing under similar conditions. These are plants that are going to thrive in your climate and establish quickly.

Try your local extension office or the OR state dept. of natural resources for suggestions and sources.

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