Should I pinch off cucumber and pumpkin flowers?

gardenandlearn(SoCal 10b)July 15, 2014

I have a pumpkin plant and two cucumber plants growing up a trellis, the cucumbers are only about 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 feet tall, and the pumpkin is about 4 - 5 feet tall. The pumpkin and cucumbers are putting out flowers and I wanted to know if letting the flowers set will stop their growth or if they will keep growing. Should I pinch them off so the plants can keep growing? I'm not sure what to do. Btw the pic is upside down

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gardenandlearn(SoCal 10b)

Here is a pic of how they're doing. These cucumbers are growing flowers at the base and I don't want this to stunt growth. If I pinch off the flowers, will new ones grow in their place? Or will these plants keep on flowering and growing at the same time? The variety of cucumber is marketmore 76. I believe it's determinate or semi-determinate.

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From what I've seen, setting fruits does not stop the plant growth. I've cut off about 3 cucumbers from each plants, and the plants are about 5-6 feet tall now.

Cucumbers are strange plants. If they want to grow, they can grow several inches a day. Or they do not grow at all....

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gardenandlearn(SoCal 10b)

okay thank you so much I've decided for take your advice and let them be. They've exploded with growth!

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