Groundcover for under Hickory trees

mikaelprAugust 11, 2006

The area under my Shagbark and Pignut Hickories stays a mess with fallen limbs and nuts. What's more, the lawn slopes so drastically that the sreet stays littered as well. I'm looking for a ground cover tall enough to hide the litter, thick enough to catch and hold the nuts to keep them out of the road and tough enough to take occasional foot traffic. Any ideas?



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Myrtle (Vinca minor) might work, but has a tendency to spread vigorously unless contained by a barrier of some sort.

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I have sweet woodruff under my 2 hicorkies and it seems to do a great job of looking neat in the summer. comes back every year and covers the old leaves/bark with a nice layer of green. but not much winter coverage in zone 5.

if you are still looking for a ground cover.

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