the_pumpkin_queen(z7 Arkansas)August 28, 2005

I just bought some of this stuff at my nursery so it would cover the ground in a shadey spot next to our veggie garden. Its very pretty and I love the lime color to it but after I got it home it I noticed it looks alot like this stuff we are trying to get rid of and seems to spread every where!

Is there are ground cover that looks alot like moneywort but with larger (quarter sized) leaves and is darker, like a green grass color? This stuff also does not grow in a mat like MW but more like a vine and the leaves are about ever two-three inches instead of close together.

Please help me out with this one as I do not want to replant what I am trying to get rid of!

And can you recommend a nice ground cover for a full shade spot, bc if this is the same stuff I am going to plant it on a slope OUTSIDE the fence and something else int he garden!


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the_pumpkin_queen(z7 Arkansas)

Here's a picture of what I have. Sorry about the small piece, its hard to pull off the ground!

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the grass green is the mundane form, and it's got none of the good qualities of the golden strains...

honestly, I've found the mundane stuff (creeping jenny around here, ground ivy elsewhere, an older name is henbit) is fairly easy to control, but impossible to eradicate-

the gold varieties have shorter node lengths (more leaves, less stem) so it makes nice mats, instead of looking stringy...and it is less aggresive in shade :)

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I am a bit confused......perhaps it is the use of common names. The photo appears to be Glechoma hederacea (aka ground ivy) which is not the same plant as that commonly called moneywort (Lysimachia nummularia). Here glechoma is considered a lawn weed and is not used as a groundcover. There is a variegated form which in my region is commonly referred to as creeping Charlie and it is often sold as a basket stuffer for summer hanging containers. Lysimachia, both gold and green forms, are sold as groundcovers and can be aggressive spreaders but I have never had problems keeping them under control or removing them from where they were not wanted.

If it helps your ID any, glechoma has tiny blue flowers while lysimachia will have somewhat larger yellow flowers.

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