What are these growing in my backyard?

zuzu44(5a)June 26, 2012

Our house came with a large backyard containing quite a bit of neglected and overgrown landscaping. These two "clumps" are growing next to each other. In addition to IDs, any info on how to clean these up and maintain would be greatly appreciated!


Close-up of #1:


Close-up of #2:

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They look like two different forms of Phalaris arundinacea, AKA Gardener's Garters or Ribbon Grass.

The plain green copy is the straight species, and the variegated one is either P.a.var.picta 'Picta' or P.a.var. picta 'Feesey.' The difference between the two variegated cultivars is a slight pink tinge in the leaves on 'Feesey,' most noticeable in the spring.

They are both considered to be invasive in certain areas, like the Midwest.

The foliage will turn brown by late summer, but if you cut them back to within 6" of the ground, they'll throw up fresh new foliage through the fall.

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Thanks so much for the info!

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