Pumpkin dying at roots, grey spots on leaves.

aporathJuly 23, 2010

I have pumpkins that I planted around late May, the plants have been growing great, bigger each day. I have Jack O lanterns, and Big Max. I have about 5 pumpkins per species, I am new to pumpkin growing and don't know what is good or not. I have some pictures of the pumpkins growing and the plant itself, my concerns are I now have grey powdery spots on my plant, (powdery mildew?) if so what do I do? Another thing is while the front of the plants looks healthy and green, the back is slowly dying off. Is this normal? Also, I was wondering if my pumpkins looked well, but I don't know how to post any pictures.

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It is hard to say much without seeing a picture. But it does sound like they are getting powdery mildew. Do you live in a very humid climate? I know that there are fungicides which can be applied. But I do not know how far gone the plants can be and still be saved. You might check at a local garden center, or better yet, your county extension agent.

I have seen the yellowing of older leaves, as you describe. If I recall, when I saw it, the plants were growing in a fair amount of shade. Is this the case in your garden?

Sure hope you get a harvest!

Here, we have had a rough year with pests, extreme heat, and at times, extreme humidity. Every squash I planted, with the exception of those from the c. moschata species, has died without producing.

Tahlequah, OK

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